Investor Seminar

My husband and I are very passionate about investing. Investing in Real Estate has served as an additional salary for our family and has kept us afloat in difficult financial times. My mission is to help others build wealth for their families as I have for mine.

We offer FREE Investment seminars to share with others the formula for our success.

If you have always been curious about Real Estate Investing but just didn’t know how to get started please join us!

If you already invest in Real Estate but are always open to learning more please join us!


Some of the topics we discuss in our seminars include:

How much money does it take to get started?

What are the risks involved in Real Estate Investing?

How do I analyze how hard my property is working for me?

Is the market shifting?

What does the Austin rental market look like?

Where are the best investment opportunities currently?

When does it make sense to sell and when does it make sense to refinance?

Is cash king?

What are the benefits of leveraging my money with financing?

Will interest rates have an impact on the market? How can I source my down payment?

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