About Edy

My passion is helping my clients build wealth through Real Estate, whether that be selling their home for the most possible money, helping them find the perfect home for their lifestyle or getting them started on the path to financial independence through investing.

My Real Estate career started by accident in 1996 with the purchase of my first property. I desired to live in a neighborhood that was just on the outer limit of my budget. After a casual conversation with a friend that had just purchased a duplex I found a solution. As a single woman, I purchased a duplex home in the neighborhood and by default became a landlord and an investor. It turned out having a tenant pay a portion of my rent provided a great financial benefit. In fact, it was such a good investment that three years later when my husband and I opted to buy a single-family home and move to Barton Hills we were able to hang onto the duplex as an investment property. Twenty years later I still own that duplex as well as 3 others and 2 single family income properties. I cut my teeth in Real Estate doing investing for myself and nothing gives me more satisfaction than using my knowledge to help my clients.